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How to Attract Tenants and Minimise Rental Voids

In a competitive rental market, it's crucial to be able to attract tenants and minimise vacancies to maximise your rental income. This blog will share helpful hints and methods for marketing your rental property successfully. This aims to ensure a continual flow of potential tenants and cut down on the amount of time your property is vacant.


Write interesting and detailed property descriptions that highlight your rental property's distinctive selling points. Emphasise its best features, list local amenities, describe the benefits of the location, and mention any recent upgrades or improvements. Make your property sound enticing to live in by using descriptive words to create a clear and vivid image.


Professional photography is a wise investment if you want to highlight the best aspects of your rental property. Images that are vivid, well-lit, and pleasing to the eye can draw attention to your listing and make it stand out. To provide an accurate representation of your property, ensure you include images of the most important rooms, like the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms.

Online Listings

Utilise online property portals to reach a wide audience of prospective tenants. Make sure you keep your listing up-to-date and respond promptly to any enquiries. Include detailed information about your property, including the rent and any other costs, and don't forget to provide your contact details.

Virtual Tours

Include a 3D walkthrough or virtual tour in your marketing. This gives prospective tenants a thorough overview of the layout and characteristics of your property while allowing them to tour it remotely. Virtual tours are particularly useful for attracting tenants from outside the area or people who are unable to visit in person.

Social Media

Utilise social media's reach to market your rental property. By using targeted ads, you can be sure that your target market will see your property. Visually pleasing posts with eye-catching photographs and engaging captions always gain more attention than rushed ones with poor images. Make sure that you respond promptly to questions or comments. This will demonstrate to potential tenants that you are a responsive landlord. It will also help to make sure that your post is seen by more people, as the algorithm favours posts that are being engaged with.


Make sure you communicate with potential tenants in a timely, respectful, and professional manner. Respond to queries and requests for viewings quickly. This will help give potential tenants a good impression of how you will behave if you become their landlord.

If you would like to know more about how to ensure that your property in Edinburgh is attractive to potential tenants, please give us a call on 0131 639 6399 or send us an email to

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