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How to stage your property in the summer

Staging your property effectively can increase its appeal to potential buyers and improve the price you achieve. These five tips will help you to maximise your property’s appeal during the summer season.

Kerb Appeal

First impressions matter, and a well-maintained exterior can instantly attract buyers.

Make sure that your lawn is neatly mown and your front door is free of scuffs and dents. A fresh coat of paint can have a transformative effect.

Consider taking advantage of all of the flowers currently in bloom. Placing a pot filled with colourful flowers makes the entrance to your home bright and inviting.

Let the Light In

Make the most of the abundant natural light that comes with summer.

Open your curtains and blinds to let sunlight flood your rooms. Clean your windows thoroughly to ensure they sparkle and maximise the amount of light they let in to help create an airy and bright atmosphere.

If privacy is a concern, consider using sheer curtains or window screens that allow light through while maintaining a level of privacy.

Highlight Outdoor Spaces

Showcase the potential of your outdoor areas by cleaning and decluttering them.

Stage them with comfortable seating, inviting cushions, and attractive outdoor decor. Consider adding some colourful cushions or outdoor rugs to make the space more appealing.

Declutter and Depersonalise

Remember to declutter and depersonalise your home.

Remove personal items, excess furniture, and unnecessary clutter to create a clean and spacious environment.

Potential buyers should be able to envision themselves living in the space, which can be challenging if it's cluttered with personal belongings.


During summer, opt for a light and neutral colour scheme to help to create a feeling of airiness.

Replacing dark coloured furnishings with lighter ones can make the space appear more spacious.

To avoid your decor being too bland try adding colourful accents like cushions, throws, or artwork to inject a pop of colour.

Summer Vibes

Capture the essence of summer living by incorporating elements that evoke a sense of leisure and relaxation.

Set up a cosy reading nook with summer-themed books, place a refreshing pitcher of fruit-infused water on the kitchen counter, or display a colourful beach towel and a pair of sunglasses on a sun lounger in your garden. These small touches help buyers connect emotionally with your property.

Staging a home for maximum appeal in summer requires attention to detail and a focus on creating a bright, inviting, and relaxing environment. By following the tips above you can significantly increase your chances of having your property make a good impression on potential buyers.

If you are considering putting your property on the market and would like more advice on how to stage a property during summer please give us a call on 0131 639 6399 or send an email to

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