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Prepare your important rooms to sell

The two most important rooms in a property for buyers are the kitchen and the bathroom. That is because they can be the two that are the most expensive to renovate. A cost-effective option is home staging. Staging these rooms correctly can make a real difference to your selling price.

Less is more

Clutter is always a turn-off for buyers. Not only is it distracting but it can also prevent them from being able to imagine them living in your property. No-one wants to imagine themselves living in a cluttered space full of someone else's personal items.

Remove all clutter from the sides and cupboards, including photographs and fridge magnets, and focus on creating a picture perfect kitchen that wouldn’t look out of place on Instagram. A vase of freshly cut flowers or a strategically placed cake stand can be just what your kitchen needs to turn it into someone’s idea of a dream kitchen.


New kitchens and bathroom suites are expensive and most of us can’t afford to replace them when we are trying to sell our properties. However, there are several things that you can do to turn your kitchen from drab to fab without having to spend a fortune.

If your cupboard doors are looking a bit worn out, consider giving them a fresh coat of paint and buying them some new, modern handles to give them a completely new look.


A neutral colour palette is always the best choice when you are trying to sell your property, as it allows potential buyers to see your property as a blank slate to which they can add their own personality. However, it is possible to have too much of a good thing and with a neutral palette, too much can be a bit bland, so add a few pops of colour with wall art or a few colourful cooking pots.


The way in which a space is lit can make a real difference to how it feels. Consider having a variety of different light fixtures in both rooms.

Pendant lights are an excellent way of lighting a kitchen table, and under cabinet lights can provide useful illumination when preparing a meal on the worktop. In your bathroom, invest in a mirror light as well as an overhead light for a glamorous feel.


Make sure that you clean both rooms thoroughly in order to ensure there are no bad smells. Once this is done, consider adding scents that are attractive to people, like vanilla or ‘fresh linen’.

Making your property somewhere that your buyers would like to spend time makes them much more likely to want to put in an offer, so taking the time to ensure that the most used rooms in the property are covetable is well worth the effort.

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